Wednesday 10 June 2009

One of those posts

In which I deliver news of some kind. This time it's not entirely positive, I'm afraid. In fact, it's rather disappointing for me to have to say this, but say it I must. It seems I might not be able to carry on continuing this blog for much longer, or with the detail of past. The new job is, well, to put it simply, exhausting. Exhausting beyond belief, and a real life commitment that eats away at your time demanding the dedication that my previously flexible job did not. And it's to be expected, of course. Working for the people that run your country is always going to be a soul buster, and perhaps even a dream job.

Which is why I find myself in a dilemma and at a crossroads, because while I may normally have been able to do my job, run my life and also blog, now it's a little more difficult to continue blogging. I do think I would be able to perhaps blog once a day in a post which encompasses just about everything I'm thinking or what I'd usually say, but would it even be worth it? I'm putting that question out to anyone who cares enough to answer it.

So that is the news, and this is the post. Good day to all you folks out there who read this blog. Or goodnight. Either works.

Also, a quick look at the blogroll tells me that apparently it's Albie's birthday today. Poor guy, he's already 28 and he's only played in one Test. You're not getting any younger, Albie. And why on earth did he fail to capitalise largely on die AB's loss in the match against New Zealand? Damn you to hell, die AB, cursing Albie's chances all the time. I know it was him because who else would wish Albie ill?


The MG said...

please, please Amy! One post a day isn't much, but I think we'd all take that over an Amy-less world :( Where would I be without your die-AB-ing self? The government may need you, Amy, but we need you more!

Unknown said...

Amy, my dear Amy. I have grown so fond of you these past few months. I don't even want to imagine just how dull life would be without your blog.

Why dont you configure AdSense to your blog, then we can all contribute by clicking on the ads every day. You should try it you might be able to make a living off it. (I dont mind) Plan B, come work in SA.

Yes, Happy Birthday Albie. I hope AB will make a video like he did with Amla.

Anonymous said...

no no, I can't imagine a world without rofl and die ab and spotto and love triangles! one post a day is better than nothing at all...

The MG said...

oh yes, the love triangles (or maybe endecagons?) cannot be taken out of my life. i live for the next episode of AB and his many lovers.

The Old Batsman said...

Amy, there are some of us who are delighted if we can get one up per day [one post that is], so carry on and run each one hard, just like AB does. You know it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Even though I think AB's great, youre blogs are still just as, so one a day will be better than nothing!!
G'luck with your new job.

J said...

One blog a day is fine and in fact maybe even better than multiple ones as an interesting one soon disappears down the page when you put up heaps.

Please continue!!

BTW Albie came in so late he did not get much chance to best AB.

Esra_Star said...

Oh dear, Stani is going to be emotionally scarred for life...

Shame this is the perfect job or else I'd have to go kick K Rudd's arse :)

Amy, I'd take a once weekly post if it meant getting some amusing laughs and voodoo spells in AB's direction!

Anonymous said...

I concurr with the general tone of the comments here. Amy once a day/week/every full moon is much better than an amy-less world.

As George W Bush said:
"If we stop this blog that means AB wins".
(I think that's what he said. It might have been war and not blog, but I'm pretty sure he was talking about AB)

Hugs and kisses,
die fraulein.

P.s. On a fan-mail scrolling across AB's website I saw the message "you and Duminy rock". So it is really only Albie that AB is editing away from his website, he's perfectly happy to let JP get some credit.

Anonymous said...

Albie has obviously rejected AB's advances, forewarned by Morne, who is after all AB's roommate.

Duminy on the other hand might have been TRYING to avoid them but has utterly failed so far. Except he did manage to get the family jewels out of AB's clutches after the win in Melbourne. No joke. That's when I began to suspect die AB.

Homer said...

You CANNOT be serious Amy! Surely you can find time to put a post a day?


Dawid said...

Yes AB tried to grab JP's balls after one of their great wins. Very suspect there. Keep blogging away Amy.

Amy said...

Wow, thanks for the comments, guys. I didn't see a single "go back to your shithole" there. I'm very pleased.

I will continue blogging because I cannot stop myself and also because you all bind me here. Obviously some days the volume of posts will rise unexpectedly, back to old levels. That might happen to coincide with days the pollies aren't making many headlines, so keep an eye out for that.

Otherwise, thanks again for the show of support. I realise now die AB had possessed me and was feeding negative thoughts into my mind, trying to make me stop blogging.

btw Boncam, nice idea, but I'm keeping the blog ad-free... forever. It was just a decision I made early on. I'd like to have a job outside of this anyhow. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Q said...

U can't be serious Amy!

Surely u can find time for at least 1 post a day if not more.

If not even that a post every 2 days or even once a week will be worth the read and definitely better than NO Amy at all!

Don't ditch us.

I'm already missing the clarke questions.. who will give me prizes now?

King Cricket said...

Less is more.

It isn't obviously, but I felt that sounded supportive and I want to be supportive.

achettup said...

No. Please make it two a day at the very least or nothing at all. Consider it penance for all the rotten things you've been saying about that very nice guy from Safferland. Even if the second post is a word long. Articles allowed.

You know what Amy S. I'm monstrously certain AB was praying that you would continue the blog. Gargantuanly even. After all to err is human, forgive divine.

richie_141 said...

Yeah. You just happened to notice it was Albie's birthday. It's not marked in your diary in coloured pens which are fruit scented from Smiggle, surrounded by love hearts, hugs and kisses. You fool no one, woman!!

But, on topic. Please don't leave me. I'll change. I'll do anything you want. I'll even do that (I'm not as particular as Meatloaf). I agree with the general concensus, I'd settle for infrequent Amy S. wisdom over lack thereof any day.

You know that without you AB will take false modesty to such an extreme that it becomes toxic to anyone that hears it. And, as cricket fans, we're likely to die first, and that is just not cool.

Stani Army said...

Ames? Amy wamy? Noooo? You're not thinking straight right? You should never post when you're emotional Ames.

"but would it even be worth it? I'm putting that question out to anyone who cares enough to answer it."

Of course it would be worth it Ames but on one condition, that you try to respond to our comments like you usually do. Recently, you've been posting less and responding even less; all completely understandably.

But....I have realised though, and I feel I speak for most of us, that it's your respones we miss the most. If you could sacrifice the blog posting time for your work but leave your responding time the same, I wouldn't mind even if you did one post a week.

I know you can't leave us though Ames...I've noticed :o) you love us too much. Even if you did leave, you'd be back soon enough because you'd miss us too much. True?

Just make sure you put yourself and work first, then any spare time you have left, you can give to us. We can wait.

And lastly, die government you mother-bitches, die

Jonathan said...

Just remember, you could be working for the people who run your state...

Do your job, post when you feel like it, we're all happy. Just don't bring the cold wind back from Canberra next time!

Collie said...

Dont let AB win Amy. Keep up the good work mate.

Amy said...

Q, I'll try getting the Michael Clarke questions back up when things are a little less hectic. Soon, my friend, soon.

KC, you did well. That's the most supportive thing I've heard in my life.

Ach, I'm specifically not going to pose two because of you. I also thought I might tell you it's time you got some help about that die AB love of yours. Seriously, it's not normal.

Richie, I wish I could say I knew his birthdate but I actually have a very limited memory when it comes to things like that, even for my friends.

Stani, so that's how it is, is it? You want me to reply to comments? Like... like this? I'll try, I really will. But it often takes longer to do this than actually post.

Jonathan, apparently Sydney's almost as cold as Canberra these days. And to think I was fleeing Canberra hoping to return to a little more warmth. Sigh.

Collie, cheers, I guess I won't now.

Megan said...

Keep blogging Amy, I've just discovered you.

Amy said...

Luckily, I discovered myself a while back. Thanks, though.

Stani Army said...

I know but, that is why we love you......init?

Q said...

Amy, Clarke or no Clarke, u keep blogging - the world needs u :-)

missjane said...

what they said... please don't leave us Amy.

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