Thursday 18 June 2009

The post and preview

Okay so I'm in a huge rush and I haven't had time to check anything so I'm just making this post because A POST IS A POST. And it has something to say, at least about the first semi which I might get the chance to watch if everything works out.

What do I say? Oh, right, South Africa vs. Pakistan. Obviously South Africa because they've now had a few days to prepare for this and despite their claims, they've really just been training 12 hours a day, not going to the movies.

You already know the drill about which player performs best and which performs the worst. Surprisingly, neither are from the Pakistani side. Do the math, kiddos. Or don't, I don't really care. Go Albie you fucking machine. Belt the shit out of that ball or I will pull off one of die AB's toenails.

I won't, I'm entirely opposed to torture. But that's something for you to think about.

I know I keep saying this, but TOMORROW I will be back in Sydney and therefore capable of actually posting properly. So bear with me here, I'm pretty exhausted, I've been on my feet flat out for a few days now and it's really fucking tiring. KRudd was looking awesome at the Press Gallery Ball last night. He's very smooth, that Kevin. I do quite like him, yes, as you no doubt know.


Anonymous said...

I thought youd be going for Pakistan because AB's not on the team

Stani Army said...

That's a good point Anonymous. It's just because of her girlfriend Albie. Worry not though. If my Hyde park plans have an effect then that Sheila won't make the team or AB will run her out.

Work for the Aus government but oppose torture? You're not gonna last long Ames.

Unknown said...

ROFL will torture AB if he gets less than 50. I am still waiting for some Albie fireworks.

Unknown said...

Dale Steyn's blog

Anonymous said...

AB is meant to be a good cook too. Is there anything he can't do?

Unknown said...

Titans coach warns Proteas

madiha said...

AB is just perfect to be ....i hope he makes a superb score.....alongside alie as well

The MG said...

Thanks for the blog link, boncam! Seems that Morne and Julio went to the theatre together ;)

This South African team... Look at AB's influence on all of them!

The MG said...

Oh, and the other Amy S seems to be doing well in the semi-final against India!

Lian said...

Haha yeah, he's suceeded in spreading manly love in the team now.
Btw MG, whats the link to your blogsite?

Stani Army said...

Now that you mention the other Amy S MG....isn't it just a coincidene that Ames' "new" job coincided with the women's world cup? She also described it as a "dream" job. What ya reckon hey?

If she is her, I'd be really disappointed that she came all that way to my home town and didn't tell me.

The MG said...

Is this like the female version of FakeIPLPlayer, you think, Stani? Only that Amy's the real thing. So, she hasn't been braving the cold of Canberra, it's been the cold of England! Clever, Amy, but not clever enough!

Don't have a blog just yet - hopefully soon - but I moderate a FB cricket group with a bunch of others - called Straight Drive Past the 'Keeper if you're interested in checking it out. Sorry to plug on here, Amy - we're all massive fans of yours and keep up the tradition of AB comments :P

Anonymous said...

Smith weight cost them the match. He needs to slim down. He might find a cuter bloke to if he loses weight.

He put too much pressure on AB and Albie failed to make runs again.

Q said...

Every time u have said that Pakistan doesn't stand a chance, they have come out and proved u otherwise.

I hope u stick to the same for the finals ;-) ..

As for tonight's victory over SA, I have a very very special picture for u.. it will be up soon, will notify u!

Hope u get back to Sydney safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan was simply far too good for SA. They need to find some decent cricketers. They are mainly too fat. The whole team looked too fat. Do they train properly or just eat? The captain is a bad role model.

Amy said...

Anon, I was secretly going for Pakistan. It's why they won.

Stani, yes, I'm Amy S. the cricketer. Good detective work there, it really took some brains to figure it out.

MG, it's okay, you can pay up for plugging your FB group. It's only ten bucks, I don't ask for much, really.

Q, now that Albie's out of the picture, I'm sure I wouldn't mind a Pakistani win myself. Afridi's such a gun.

ALL THE "FAT SAFFA" COMMENTERS, it's the uniform. And the hormones.

Stani Army said...

MG, that's exactly what I was thinking. Come to think of it, she could be the fake IPL player too except that he is such a c***.

Ezzy, people call them conspiracy theories; I jus think it's an alternative way of looking at things. But for some reason, it's always obvious to me.

Thanks Ames.

Anon, Ames always supported Pakistan. How could you not support such a talented bunch of unpredictable clowns? They give pleasure and pain...humans love that.

missjane said...

Well Amy, the gay GS commenters seem to be turning into fat GS commenters. What will he be accused of next??

So, lots of stories out of the Ball, Amy... any goss for us??

The MG said...

Wait a minute, before we say that Pakistan was way too good for South Africa, lets remember that whoever batted first on this pitch was going to have a massive advantage. I feel very sorry for ROFL, Parnell and Steyn, who really did very well with the ball to restrict them in the end to 149 but that was always going to be a hard total to chase down. The pitch became slow about half way through the PK innings and deteriorated as it went along. Not to take any credit away from Pakistan, however. Gul and Afridi in particular were incredible. But one got a feeling with this match that whoever batted first would win. One of the (many) things I don't like about T20, I guess.

Amy said...

MJ, yeah, Dan Vettori caught an STD off Baz. All the Kiwis know.

MG, but then again, South Africa are the famous chokers. Any loss at this stage would be dubbed a choke.

missjane said...

Heh... more of a response than I expected Amy :)

Have just had a thought; one for the GS threads... maybe they're not chokers, perhaps it was deliberate!!

Rigged, I tell you.

Well, except that 1. everyone knows SA choke (ahem, except against Australia, but let's keep moving) and 2. clearly Afridi was having a blinder, so what could they do?

Stani Army said...


I'm getting there Ames.

Amy said...

MJ, that sounds right. Maybe Snape did it, because he was in danger of losing his useless job, so he decided to rig it in order to have SA lose. That way they'll depend on his help for the rest of their lives.

Stani, well done. Now the third letter.