Thursday, 4 June 2009

Sutherland at the press conference

You can listen to the audio of the press conference in which James Sutherland delivers the news about Andrew Symonds being sent home here.

Includes questions, etc, from the media. It gives a little more detail, anyway.


12th Man said...
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maverick_12210 said...

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12th Man said...

I am extremely sorry for my previous comment.

It was pig-headed on my part to not understand the seriousness of it.

Amy, I request you to delete it.

I am seriously sorry for hurting anyone through the comment.

Amy said...

12th, done and done.

Maverick, sure.

Indophile said...

First Shaun Tait and now Symonds I mean I don't understand what these people will be doing if they are not playing cricket. This is the their ticket for stardom and they don't want to keep their ticket. How much the normal job sucks can somebody explain to them ?

Amy said...

I understand he'd formed a special contract with CA with the conditions being he wouldn't drink in public. He screwed up big time, and I'm disappointed in him.

I know it was just a drink, and damn CA are being dicks about this, but if only he'd drunk in the team hotel. That wasn't off limits.

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