Saturday 6 June 2009

Dhoni denies rift rumours, entire team in tow

On Friday, the entire Indian World T20 team turned up to a news conference and squash themselves onto the podium in order to deliver a one minute statement regarding the "unity" of the team.

The video is here. It is highly amusing. You can't help but feel that even the team members know just how ridiculous they look standing up there. Dhoni appears to be trying not to laugh before he begins a short statement denying rumours of a rift between him and Sehwag.

I wonder just how much attention this supposed rift has been receiving in India for the team to actually come out and deny it. And for management to cart everyone into a news conference specifically for this purpose.


Mahek said...

I don't live in India right now so I don't know how much of a furore the initial report caused. But if the reports from the time I lived there are anything to go by, it must've created quite a stir in certain sections of the media.

There is already a theory floating around that Dhoni has gradually phased out the seniors and from what I've read on some of the forums, the cynics think this is just another example of Dhoni wanting to be the alpha-male of the Indian team.

And this isn't the first time something like this has happened. A few months ago Dhoni was in disagreement with the selectors who wanted to replace RP Singh with Irfan Pathan. Dhoni was of the opinion that players should be allowed time to prove themselves.One of those wise-ass selectors couldn't stand it and leaked this to the media, which promptly told the country Dhoni didn't want Irfan Pathan in the side.

Leela said...

From what I've seen of the (crazy) media back in India, I am sure it must've been big news.
Sure it looked a li'l theatrical, but I am glad he clarified the whole issue.

12th Man said...

I don't remember reading anything about the rift in the newspapers. There are a few good-for-nothing TV channels that broadcast stuff no one would bother to watch.

I am surprised to see Dhoni seriously responding to rumours like that. And having got the entire team on to the press conference, he should have made sure the meeting lasted a little more than 1 min 53 seconds and allowed the others to speak as well.

Amy said...

Mahek, I heard about the Dhoni/Irfan thing. The top bloke had to come out and say he had no hard feelings about it on several occasions.

Leela, but Dhoni certainly seemed to think it was a little stupid.

12th, that's what I was wondering too. If it's only passing rumours, why go to lengths to counter them? People say this kind of stuff all the time and teams never respond to falsified rumours.