Friday, 10 April 2009

The best cricket board game in the world

...Is undoubtedly 'AB de Villiers' Super Cricket Challenge Game'. It is described as a "real life interactive 3D tabletop game!", exclamation mark and all. I have no idea how it works, but I am intrigued beyond belief at the fact that it is essentially some sort of board game. Cricket as a board game has never sounded so unfamiliar a concept.

The set includes:
  • 1 Trigger Action Batsman
  • 1 Spring Loaded Bowler
  • 1 Magnetic Wicket Keeper
  • 4 Magnetic Standing Fielders
  • 5 Magnetic Crouching Fielders
  • 1 Cricket Pitch
  • 1 Boundary Rope
  • 2 Balls
  • 8 Boundary Rope Holders
  • 1 Set of Score Sheets
  • 1 Set of Rules

And the game is for anywhere between 2-22 players, who cannot be under 3 years due to "small balls and small parts".

I don't know about you but any game that has a "spring-loaded bowler" and "magnetic crouching fielders" automatically wins points with me. Spring-loaded bowler. Imagine the damage you could do if you were a spring-loaded bowler.

I cannot fathom who would have devised this game, however. I need to get to South Africa so I can buy this.


Esra_Star said...

Only AB, our Saffa love rat could turn cricket into a board game. I am more intrigued by the Trigger Action Batsman! It looks like a game for one though, how would you get 22 people to play this?

SimonC said...

This game is waaay older than AB. Some kids had a set at my primary school, back when Thatcher was taking milk and cookies from us. And it wasn't new then.

You can get a non AB-branded version in Australia, too (although it seems to be fully twice the price it is in the UK):

Andrew in MA said...

Not to overstate the case but this is obviously the end of cricket as we know it. Why suffer through five days of lunch breaks, tea breaks, drinks breaks, bad light breaks, rain breaks, going away and having a bit of sleep overnight breaks, when you and your autographed, framed and much-loved photo of AB can have 36 hour non-stop marathon sessions with your spring-loaded bowlers and trigger-action batsman. What thrill can Twenty20 have after you've stayed in bed with AB all day and your magnetic crouching fielders.

Amy said...

@Esra, the theory is that you stack 6 people on top of each other, and have 4 stacks of people around the board game.

@Simon, I cannot believe I have never heard of this before. That's amazing. I should be thankful, I suppose, or it would have put me off cricket altogether. I'm buying up all the sets in Australia and sending them to the Salvation Army to give little children over Christmas. The spring-loaded bowler will traumatise an entire generation of children.

@Andrew, I just laughed so hard that no sweaty session with AB could possibly encourage me to play this game. However, I'd be willing to reconsider if I were playing with Jacques, as would you no doubt.

Rayden said...

I had a cricket board game very very similar to this when I was a kid. Super fun game. Only thing instead of a spring loaded bowler, we had to drop the ball from a slip kinda thing (very difficult to describe in words) but it worked and the game was brilliant.

Amy said...

So was there a trigger-action batsman?

I have got to get myself one of these.

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