Monday 25 May 2009

The IPL is over

The Deccan Chargers have won.

You're now free to sleep as long as you like. I hope you understand how big a blessing this is.

Lalit Modi is planning two IPL tournaments a year. Could you handle it? There's no fucking way I could.

So the IPL is over and we go back to our normal routines. Except for the fact that there's a whole lot of cricket coming up real soon, so start gearing yourselves up for that.

In the meantime, a few suggestions as to what you could do with your time: Read a book, watch a movie, actually play cricket, write an in depth analysis of this year's IPL, walk the dog, kill the cat, call the Fake IPL Player a cowardly bastard with an attractive shadow, cure cancer, etc. The possibilities are endless.

So what are you doing sitting there thinking about the final? Go do something.


Stani Army said...


My week just gets better and better.

Actually....what will I have to hate now that the IPL is gone?

As for everyone who watched it; feel cheap do ya? feel used ha? Well I told you didn't I but nobody listened to me!

Honestly Ames, this world's like devils on podiums and angels on death row.

Leela said...


I am already having them withdrawal symptoms!
God I hate the IPL for getting me addicted to it.

12th Man said...

Thankfully I was not that addicted like I was the previous years. I was just watching the CSK games this year. So I wouldn't find the transition to real life that difficult.

adverbin said...

What! no praise for Symonds? Are you Hilditch in disguise?
Sledging apart, Symmo proves he should have been in and Ronald out. I hope Aussies are POMmeled.

Esra_Star said...

What am I meant to do? I am now just an insomniac running on South African time.

Can my life go on without Ryan Campbell, Howie and Huddo, crappy repetitive tv ads and Danny Morrison?

adverbin said...

Hush Leela! Modi might hear you and bloat IPL further!! Oh no!!! He already heard!!!! A winter season abroad? Not the hottest idea but the man always gets his way :-(

Amy said...

Stani, you can always hate me. I'm open to that.

Leela, you've let Lalit poison your mind. I have a remedy, and it involves a hard night on the town and fishnet stockings. Call me if you want to hear more.

12th, I might have transitioned halfway through the tournament myself. Or a week ago sometime. I don't really know, it all feels exactly the same to me. The games have slowly morphed into one giant game. The only memory I have is of Albie dropping AB in that first CSK vs. DD match. It's horrifying.

Adverbin, clever joke that. I won't praise Symonds because I've already dusted my hands of the IPL. Hurrah.

Esra, I'm just wondering what I'll do without the Soc Exchange.

Stani Army said...

How could I hate my favourite Australian?

Jonathan said...

Sleep? What's that?

Amy said...

Stani, right. You could never bring yourself to hate me. I'm too amazing.

Jonathan, I've asked myself that question many times throughout the duration of the tournament. Sitting there at 4 in the morning, you ask yourself many deep, meaningful things.

Stani Army said...

...and you're too modest.