Saturday 30 May 2009

Pink Number Plates For Charity

Glenn McGrath recently launched pink number plates in NSW as part of an initiative by the McGrath Foundation. Until the 31st October, the RTA will be donating from $15 to $50 (depending on the type of plate) to the McGrath Foundation for each number plate that is sold.

It's a good cause, so if you're getting yourself a new car, or new plates for some reason, why not make them pink? I do believe there's even a pink-on-white combination if you feel a pink background is too much of an eyesore.

Who knows, you might be a number plate fetishist and this is the best thing to happen since metallic plates.

Glenn McGrath's already got one. Why don't you get one too and support breast cancers victims while you're at it?


J said...

Smith is all pink.

Amy said...

Don't be mean to the ROFL-killer.