Thursday 28 May 2009


I couldn't think of a title to this one, sorry. It's a bit of a nothing post anyway because I'm posting in a rush. I'm on the run, you see. Not from cops, just generally on the run. Busy, as they call it these days.

So if you were already missing me, be prepared for more heartache. I'm going to be a little quiet for today, but I'll probably be up and running by tomorrow afternoon. Aren't I just a great human being.

Some rather amusing stuff to take away the pain of losing me: just as Ricky Ponting comes out with comments that Freddie will be England's most important player in the Ashes, and that he'll "be keeping a close eye on him through the Twenty20s to see how fit and good he is", news arrives that in fact, Adil Rashid will be replacing Freddie during the World T20. So ner-ner, suck on that, etc, Ricky, England say. Looks like you won't be getting a chance to do that all too soon.

Also just checking on that SuperSport poll, it's starting to look really fucked up. While Albie is at 4%, putting him in equal fourth place, Johan Botha is steadily creeping up behind AB de Villiers like the mother in Psycho. JP has already been killed, and AB is next. Norman Bates, watch out. Your mother's a crazy bitch.

And because I never forget, the Michael Clarke Question of the Day for Esra (or should I refer to you by your real name you dirty rat?) because yes, there is now a question for you each day for as long as I can remember to do so or be bothered to do so. A self-proclaimed Clarke expert (actually, I may have heaped it on her, but so what), we're pitting Esra against the very best experts in the business, namely Ryan Campbell. Your pride is at stake, Esra. Do me proud. Here's today's question: What is unusual about the highest score Clarke has made in Test cricket? Think you can answer that one? As it turns out, I'm not going to give you hard questions to make you lose because I'd much rather you didn't. So most of the questions will be totally ridiculous. Answer without fear.

Alright, that's all. See you later, and maybe I'll be seeing an answer to that question later too. By the way, if anyone can guess which city I'm in (it's not Sydney), you get a special prize. Something to keep you entertained while I'm gone. And if you haven't cottoned on to exactly what this "prize" is, you will after a dozen more posts offering prizes but never quite delivering on any material goods.


Esra_Star said...

Wow the pressure! Hope I don't fuck up, losing to Ryan Campbell would see me slit my wrists!

My answer is... He made 151 on debut and has only gotten worse since :P

Oh and my guess is that you are in Melbourne.

Stani Army said...

Title competition wooooo. Here's my winning entry Ames:

"On the run but not up and running"

Punter did not say anything about Flintoff playing Ames. He just said he was an important player and the fact that he said he'd keep an eye on his fitness suggests Ricky knew he'd be left out but by keeping an eye on his fitness, he was making sure he didn't recover to then take his place. Ricky is clever.

Clarke question answer:
The unusual thing about Clarke's highest score in Test cricket is that it is above all his other Test match scores and below all the high ones he is yet to make. Bosh! I win

Sorry Es, but when Amy puts up her undying love as a prize, I get extra motivation.

Which city am I in competition wooooo. My entry: Wagga Wagga

Stani Army said...

Es! Mate! Don't be so hard on yourself. I'll share my Amy-love with you then - just you. Me, you and Ames; one word, fireworks.

I don't know who Ryan Campbell is but let's make his name a swear word from now on.

Amy said...

Oh, will you look at that? Esra's is the better answer. She wins. Too bad, Stani, don't start celebrating before it's official next time.

By the way, both of you were wrong about the city. Is Wagga Wagga the only Australian place name the English know?