Sunday 31 May 2009

Michael Clarke Question of the Day

It's that time of the day again. Can Esra beat Ryan Campbell in her expert knowledge of Michael Clarke? Can you beat Esra as Graeme did yesterday? If so, will she go down fighting or become so riddled with self-hate that she will believe herself to be even less of an expert than Campbell himself?

We'll soon find out.

The QotD is: What is Michael Clarke's unofficial policy when it comes to signing autographs for fans?

Do you know the answer?

That photo has no bearing on the answer, by the way. You're all alone.


Q said...

He looks through you as if you're invisible, takes the pen or marker that ur handing to him while looking at the media manager to his left, curls his lips inwards and has that expression that he's thinking (probably abt his signature cos there's nothing else to think abt when signing an autograph), signs, hands back the writing tool and the piece of paper or cap or t-shirt whatever u got signed, again looking past u, and just nods when u say "Thank you Micheal". Again without making any eye contact whatsoever.

Wonder why he avoids the eyes.

Now I don't know if that his policy or not, but that's the experience I had when I gave my little brother's cap to him for a sign when he was here in Dubai recently.

Anonymous said...

He's a wanker but I reckon he's sign anything just to fit in and conform. He's a goody two-shoes.

Amy said...

Alright, I'll revise the question to what his unofficial policy was before signing autographs became a robotic, brainless action for him.

But some experience, huh? Pretty shit.

Amy said...

Anon, that he is. A wanker more than anything.

Q said...

Yeah I swear... Symonds and Watson had the biggest smiles on their faces.. as did Marsh.. while signing.. but Clarke.. boy has some issues for sure..

Amy said...

He was missing Lara, the poor baby.

Go Marsh. I'd knock over a dozen buildings to meet him. I also think I might, if I can pull a few stirngs at work.

Q said...

Marsh seemed like a quiet shy boy.. he met warmly though.. pity he had to leave the UAE early.. Watson and Symonds were the friendliest.. and also the most sought after by the Aussies here..

Amy said...

So maybe Pup was just having a whinge that nobody wanted to talk to him. Hence the attitude.

Q said...


And this happened to me at the same press conference where Symonds hogged all the limelight.. so yes it makes sense.. the whinging.. Hah!

Esra_Star said...

I will never be in the same category as Ryan Campbell...EVER!

I know the answer I truly do but the wording escapes me at this present time. It goes along the lines that he won't sign autographs for rude people or people who won't say please. I think there is also an issue about signing if he is eating a meal, it's a no no.

Let me know if I need to elaborate more :)

Graeme said...

I think Esra may be correct, but in the spirit of the competition, I'll have a guess.

He'll sign autographs whenever his hands aren't busy trying to stop Simon Katich from strangling him.

If that's not right, it should be!

Amy said...

Esra, you really are the true Michael Clarke expert. Well done, you snatched the title back today. Tomorrow's question will be more liberal.

Graeme, haha, yeah that should be his policy. But lately he's put up barricades to stop Kato getting near him so it's all good.

adverbin said...

All autograph hunters need to produce a clearance from L.Bingle in triplicate.

Stani Army said...

You lot are just lucky I missed this.

Albie back though, Albie back!