Monday, 13 April 2009

Albie's "drugs"

So when I was submitting my new fan mail to AB, I ended up seeing his latest video. It's of Hashim Amla's birthday celebration, which is nothing more than a cake, really. Anyway, the players are all filling out ICC anti-doping policy forms. Amla's birthday cake also says "hash" on it, so that's a little ironic.

Point is, Albie's in the video and he and AB have some sort of interesting conversation about drugs which I'm interested in hearing. Problem is, they're speaking in Afrikaans because they're bastards and they knew I'd want to know what what going on. So if there's anyone who actually understands the conversation, please comment and share the details. Help out a non-Afrikaans speaker. Cheers.

Funnily enough, Albie actually says something more along the lines of "dhrrugs".

"Something something DHRRUGS!"


Anonymous said...

haha i saw that too! damn people speaking their actual first language that we mortals cannot understand! as u can tell, i cannot speak afrikaans, but i am anxiously waiting for a translation!

Sara said...

Ok am not that good in Afrikaanse but yeah did understand a bit of it :)
AB: What you doing?
Albie: Filling a form
AB: Whats it about?
Albie: Drrrugss!!

What a lame conversation it was!

Amy said...

I love you to death.

Even if the conversation was nowhere near as interesting as I'd hoped it to be.