Sunday, 5 April 2009

Ashes Players: Jack Crapp

With a name like that, he deserves all the recognition he can get. Jack Crapp, top notch English batsman, played only one Ashes series in his lifetime, and indeed, only played international Test cricket for less than a year. Unfortunately for Crapp, the one Ashes series he did play was against The Invincibles, captained by Don Bradman. Throughout the course of the series, Crapp managed to drop Don Bradman at slip and score a bunch of insignificant scores, never going past 37 runs.

"Oh shit, I dropped the Don!"

England didn't win a single match in those Ashes, the first sign of things to come.
Jack Crapp's last test was against South Africa the following year, and he retired to an equally short umpiring career.

The one most amusing anecdote about Jack Crapp involves, as you may have guessed, the nature of his name. Alec Bedser and Jack Crapp turned up to join the other England players at their Leeds hotel prior to a Headingley Test, in 1948.
They had been playing against each other in a county match, and so travelled to Leeds together, but as the rest of the England team had already checked in, the hotel receptionist did not realise who they were. She turned to Jack. "Bed, sir?" she said.
"No, Crapp," he said, thinking she'd confused him with Bedser.
"Ah," she said, not batting an eyelid. ''Through those doors and second on the left."

She'd just pointed him to the toilet facilities.

Jack Crapp: Not crap.

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