Thursday, 2 April 2009

Pwease mummy, KP wants to go home

...To watch his wife take part in a television talent contest. Andrew Strauss has strangely enough confirmed this news a few weeks on from the date Kevin Pietersen actually wanted to nip back home. KP apparently asked for a break between the 3rd and 4th tests against the Windies, but was denied it.

"The permission wasn't granted because we're on a cricket tour and it sets a bad precendent if people can go home during the cricket tour," Strauss said.
It's funny, and highly important, that England care about "setting a bad precedent" otherwise every other player will be darting back to England after losing yet another match. But after the surprise win in the 4th ODI, perhaps they're becoming a tad more self-assured. And after KP said the English cricket team is a "pretty damn lonely place to be", we wouldn't want to make the team literally more lonely now would we?

The thing I am most interested in is the reason KP asked for leave. Why would you possibly bother asking for a short break in order to watch your wife participate in a talent contest? Or in order to watch anyone participate in a talent contest? It's baffling. This is like Adam Voges asking to nip back to Australia to get married and return to SA for the next match. Only more insane.

Talent contest.
(Sybrand is disgusted)


12th Man said...

He must seriously think of taking his wife on overseas tours herafter.

I think that Emily Prior-Stanford incident discourages him to do that to some extent.

Amy said...

KP's always willing to share, of course, seeing as he's "100% committed to England" and "desperate to do well in England's cause". If a multi-millionaire rocked up to Jessica, I'm sure he'd relent in the name of the team.

Or in the name of money.