Thursday, 16 April 2009

Andy Flower is England's coach

Won't say much, it was expected. Even Graeme Swann thinks it's just deserts.

Nobody else wanted it. ECB managing director Hugh Morris said that there had originally been 30 applicants for the job. A little ambitious, don't you think?

But one thing: Flower reckons England can win the Ashes. Seems to be dreaming a little big.

Andy's brother, Grant Flower, has managed to sneak in a little comment about egotistical Englishmen:
"Of course playing for Zimbabwe you didn't have the big personalities and egos that you do in the England camp."

Right he is. Yet the best comment of all came from Mike Atherton:
"You don't average 50 in Tests playing for a team such as Zimbabwe without a core of steel and you don't make a public stand against a murderous dictator without a bit of ticker."

Hopefully, after the Peter Moores and KP debacle, Flower can get the team going again. Despite his appointment, however, there is still that general feeling that England is not very stable, and that their management issues aren't completely solved. Cleanly, that is. But Andy's said he's certainly going to bring about change, starting right now. He's also relatively enthusiastic about the future of England:

"I'm ambitious for England cricket and very honoured to be given this position. I believe that the last three months will stand me in good stead."

Good times with KP, who has a strange spine.


Q said...

What a strange looking back KP has.. no wonder he walks like that!

Amy said...

He has a funny hunch which completely contradicts his arrogance.

adverbin said...

"Flower reckons England can win the Ashes."
Andy probably has the 2013 Ashes in mind.

Amy said...

I'd say 2015, just to be more realistic