Sunday, 12 April 2009

Andy Flower is it

News is there's a £250,000 contract being discussed and floated around for Flower to become team director.

Should be official by Wednesday.

"Shit yes. You'll be seeing more of me, England. Me and my MONEY."


Ottayan said...

Will England flower under his stewardship?

12th Man said...

Any coach can only take the horse to the pond. It is upto the horse to drink water. I'm afraid there aren't any thirsty British horses/colts out there.

Amy said...

Interesting analogy, has a very British aristocratic feel to it. haha.

As for Flower, I am divided. If he turns out to be a miracle coach of sorts, especially in working with Strauss, then everyone will be speaking of success. However, if you look at England's players, most of them are underperforming consistently. Most of them don't even truly believe they can win and the team atmosphere is entirely dreary.