Thursday, 16 April 2009

Bollinger's evil plan

My evil 6 month plan - by Doug:
1. Celebrate a full head of hair.
2. Get onto South African side and break Binga's foot.
3. Thank Advanced Hair Studios for non-surgical skin grafts and hair.
4. Celebrate 9 month anniversary of new nickname "Hairy Eagle".
5. Sneak into operating theatre to operate on Binga's foot.
6. Program ankle to not pass medical tests close to Pak series.
7. Drink Bollinger champagne and wait for phone call from selectors.
8. Get phone call from selectors telling me I'm off to UAE.
9. Call Binga and sympathise for a bit, then call everyone else and gloat.
10. Admire hair in mirror.


rhoe said...

Evil, you say? Well, he does lok a bit like Chucky.

Amy said...

You know it.

Q said...

Oh how did I miss this.. and chucky is spot on!

Amy said...

He's a real life Chucky. Can't go past that.