Monday, 6 April 2009

Brendon McCullum and the reverse rain dance

Brendon McCullum reckons New Zealand won't need the rain to save them from defeat in this match.

"You can't pray for rain or you can't expect rain to get you out of a sticky situation," McCullum told reporters. "I think for us if we find ourselves waking up in the morning with a big blue (sky) overhead then we've got a fight on our hands. Obviously we haven't found ourselves in the ideal situation but tomorrow's an opportunity for guys to stand up and show some character."

There's a reason I'm all for McCullum. Half of the reason he's allowed to say this and not sound like an idiot is because he hasn't batted yet. And who knows, he could be able to conjure up some miracle. I think they call it Tattoo Power. Or serious strength and batting ability, whichever you choose.

Nothing is going to energise supporters more than McCullum talking about fighting it out to the end. They might think it's a hopeless situation, but you can't deny the lure of turning up to watch him play after comments like this.

So can New Zealand still win this match?
Dum di dum, I'm not listening.

Smash, smash, to save your team.


Krishna said...

Getting saved by the rain is bad for NZ, because that prevents them from confronting their poor performance in this series and making the necessary changes.

Amy said...

I'm sure they'd be more concerned with saving face at the moment, as any team would. haha.