Monday, 6 April 2009

Strauss misses out on T20 world cup

He's not exactly the best T20 player around, averaging 18.5 from 28 matches, and that's far below some of the scores of the most valuable contributors to the T20 game. If England were going to keep him for this, it would be for the captaincy. But now that he's out, there's an important question at hand?

Who's in? Colly? You'd expect it to be him, but he doesn't even want the captaincy. Can't say I would either if I were on the team. However, in my current armchair position, I'd happily accept the England captaincy if it ever came my way. I'm sure I could benefit the team. Here's what Collingwood had to say:
"Whoever takes it I'm sure will do a very good job. But there's a lot of things to happen between now and then, a coach to come in and things like that. We will have to wait and see, but I would have to take some persuading to do that job."

KP's also ruled himself out of the captaincy, not that anyone wants him to do it, I'm sure.
That leaves Rob Key? Or a more experienced member of the side? Time will tell. In any case, England's not going to win the World Cup so I'm sure they don't have to worry too much.

Just kidding. Of course they'll win the World Cup.
Of course.


GoodCricketWicket said...

Key is probably the best bet to do the job. It would be typical ECB to offer it to Pietersen three months after they sacked him though.

At least they picked Graham Napier.

Vyom said...

Hmm I think Strauss would be quite annoyed with this, especially after he won the man of the series award in the ODI series against WI.
He played some good knocks, including the quickfire 70 odd in the reduced match.
So, a bit disappointing for him for sure.

Amy said...

@GoodCricketWicket - And it would be typical KP to reject them if they ever did that. With you on Graham Napier. He's such an explosive hitter there's no way they could have left him out.

@Vyom - He's been saying it was of his own choice, but I do think it would have been nice to have him in the team. It's not as though he hasn't justified he can hit the ball in the last ODI.

Adverbin said...

Amy. we all know that World cups are non-entities compared to the Ashes. So, it would make sense to omit the entire Ashes squad and bung in new faces.
On no! scratch that!! The new kids maight even win the Cup!!! And where will it leave the rest of the teams.