Tuesday, 7 April 2009

India smirks at series win

New Zealand lost.
The series, that is. Otherwise, the game was a draw.

I supported them to the end, so I get all the credit for any success they had, which was little. Rain was their only saviour. Seeing as the match is over now, I'm allowed to be honest. New Zealand were fucked from the moment Chris Martin was sent out to bat with less than 200 on the board. I was obliged to continue ranting on about how they'd win the match, but anyone could tell this would be a draw or a loss.

It should have been a loss. NZ will be thanking their lucky stars for a draw. The highlights of their day were few. Ross Taylor scored 107, by far the most valuable NZ player this innings. James Franklin also hit 49, before Tendulkar trapped him. Interestingly, our favourite blogger also hit 19 off 17 balls, so that's an impressive personal victory for him.

Dravid is continuing to motor away with those catches. He's up to 184 now, that's 3 in one day. By the time he retires, that record is going to be quite imposing.

Looking good while your face is hidden behind a helmet isn't hard - Just ask Tim

Gautam Gambhir was awarded Man of the Match. He was pleased to receive his award.

He's not going to drink it, of course. That would be blasphemy.

When receiving the award, Ghambir announced that tonight he'd "go out to local supermarkets to pick up hot chicks". Nice.


Anonymous said...

Er..... why would that be blasphemy?

Leg Break said...

What did Jesse get for his MoM in Napier?

Amy said...

@Anonymous - Tis a joke. Does he drink, by the way? I'd say no, but after the IPL you can't be too sure.

@Leg Break - I imagine they cleverly substituted it with soft drink. Jesse didn't even check to see whether the seal was broken.