Thursday, 9 April 2009


That is what I want to see out there from Albie. Concentrate on being a winner, and win. The easy path to success.

Concentrate as hard as you're concentrating on writing your name.

At the moment, Herschelle Gibbs has miraculously managed to not get out. Not only that, but he and Smith combined to hit 14 runs off Brett Geeves' first over. That's what I call a confidence breaker for Australia. The Echidna will probably comfort him, good man.

As a side note relating to the photograph, I'm loving the strategic placement of the bucket of chicken. It's finger licking good.

...AND, as I write this, Smith's gone and gotten out on 8, leaving the team 28/1. Yeah, whatever. If South Africa has a mini collapse, I will support the Echidna's team. That's right. Any team that throws away wickets doesn't deserve to win, unless Albie is on the team. So now I'm contradicting myself. Great.


Esra_Star said...

Concentration never looked so hot!

I think Graeme was so excited by winning the toss that it broke his brain. Oh and dunno if you know but those useless bloggers Kiki and Sassy have stolen your Echidna nickname. I would sue!

Amy said...

I am shocked and horrified. And outraged.