Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Dan Vettori dreams big

While South Africa and Australia battle it out for top spot in the world rankings, Dan has an entirely different goal on his mind:

"If we could get up to fourth or five over the next 24 months that would be very pleasing."

Sad thing is, that would actually be an impressive achievement. But what I'm waiting for is for NZ to unveil their evilness and take over the world by force. That would mean they'd artificially construct the rankings. Below is an email Dan sent me showing his dream rankings:

1. New Zealand
2. Zimbabwe
3. Bangladesh
4. England
5. West Indies
6. Pakistan
7. Sri Lanka
8. India
9. South Africa
10. Australia
But in the end, Dan is still a sad fellow, because he lost, and India won.

"Fuuuuuck you, India."


straight point said...

blogger, martin, fit (physically and mentally) mills and harry potter with the dash of patel makes them a potent honest bowling attack if not threatening...

if they can sort out opening combination with taylor, boozer and maccullum coming at 6 they can really get this achievable goal of potter...

12th Man said...

That's the problem. Despite being honest in his predictions Vettori is being criticised.

That's as far as they get (4 or 5) with the team they have got. They can reach #4 because England, SL and Pak are shit anyways.

Graeme said...

New Zealand being number 1 in the rankings is perfectly achievable. They just need to expand on your plan for them to win the last test. This would mean that they would need to kill at least 3 of the opposition players and bribe all 3 umpires-you don't want the 3rd umpire to mess up your cunning plan.

Chris Martin was robbed of a certain century by the rain (just like Glenn McGrath was always left 99 runs short of his by selfish batsman). He probably should be batting at 7.

Amy said...

@straight point & 12th man - Consistency is the main issue with the NZ team. Otherwise, they're not the worst team in the world by far. I would say England is more inconsistent than the Kiwis, but they're pretty consistently shit so there goes that theory.

@Graeme - I'm liking how you think. Let's take it one step further and have him open. Plenty of time to score a century, then.

Dave said...

Vettori's dream rankings are completely unrealistic. England at #4? Who does he think he's fooling?

Amy said...

That's mainly based on his desire to have the bigger threats further down.

I notice you didn't mention it being unrealistic for NZ to be #1.