Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Buchanan speaks the obvious

Apparently Australia had a brilliant opening pair who helped them immensely in dominating the game, before they retired in fairly quick succession of each other.

And now Australia are fucked.

His words, not mine.


12th Man said...

Yes, they have a rookie opener who is inconsistent (scoring a zero on debut and scoring twin hundreds to follow) and another opener who grinds the opposition to dust.

Tough times ahead for the aussies.Maybe the multiple captain theory could help solve this problem.

Amy said...

And that's Buchanan's pitch. He wants to sell the multiple captain theory to the Aussies.

12th Man said...

I don't think that will work. James Sutherland is dumb alright, but he's no Shahrukh Khan.

Amy said...

That's what I thought too before he pulled off his mask and revealed his true identity.