Sunday, 5 April 2009

How New Zealand can win

In light of my recent pledge to support New Zealand to the dying light of Day 5 of this Test, here is what I will offer on the Wellington test:

With India taking the offer of light, already leading by 531, it's looking just dandy for New Zealand. India have 5 wickets remaining and 2 more days of play, with weather reports looking a little sketchy. Assuming it doesn't rain, New Zealand have one goal: to win this match. Win, not draw. That was the deal I struck with myself.

Here's how they'll do it: Tomorrow, New Zealand will rush in and bowl India out before they can declare. India will probably be looking for a target of 550-600 probably the latter, as they still have plenty of time to go about this. That's why New Zealand need the psychological edge. Take 5 wickets, scare the crap out of India, then go in and annihilate them. 600+ is an easy score. NZ can do it in their sleep.

Sure they can.
This isn't going very well for me.


Ankit Poddar said...

ahh, talk of optimism!

lol, a good, funny read there!

Amy said...

I'm being entirely serious! You're just jealous because you know India's going to lose :P

Leg Break said...

May be a draw.

Rain forecast for the last day, and it looks as if Dhoni will be too chicken to declare overnght...

Amy said...

I'm not even allowed to speak of draws. I envy you your freedom to be reasonable in your assessment of the situation.

New Zealand are going to win. Hurrah. I hope someone believes me when I say this. Least of all myself.