Sunday, 5 April 2009

Mickey Arthur interview

When he's not eating cricket balls, Mickey Arthur occasionally gives interviews with some interesting stuff about the South African cricket team.


In a recent interview with SPIN, here's what he had to say about goals for his batsmen in Test matches:

I like the guys to take responsibility as a group. In every Test we ask the top six to get 300 runs in the first innings. That is their job.

What's weird about that? Nothing. But it's the next thing about bowlers that baffles me:

We encourage the bowlers to strive for 20 wickets.

...Oh, you mean, you encourage the bowlers to do the one thing that will win you the match? Genius! I'm sure no other team's ever had this game plan.

As is my humble duty, I will also point out he talked about Albie, if only for a line or two:

In terms of all-rounders Albie Morkel could be a Test all-rounder. I think he could be.

Whatever, Mickey, we all know you secretly hate Albie because his name is less ridiculous than yours. The reason Mickey loves Morne is precisely the opposite. Besides, remember what he said about Albie last time. Basically, Mickey wants Albie to get faster or more accurate. I vote faster. I love fast bowlers. Who would you rather be? Shoaib Akhtar or Glenn McGrath? There's a correct answer, and it's not Glenn McGrath.

Mickey says he doesn't want to coach England [yet]. But he's just signed that 3 year contract so I'm not expecting to hear him declare he'd love to coach England, and then return to coaching SA. But I hear he's being kept well fed in the SA camp. Apparently he signed a deal to receive 500 cricket balls a year.

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