Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Ireland, you bloody beauty

Apparently I'm backing Ireland, just because they're Ireland. It's a good reason. Who wouldn't want Ireland to win something? Maybe a long time ago, my family came from Ireland. That would be interesting. Potato Famine to England to Convict Land. So really, I'm just being loyal to my country here.

Ireland have beaten UAE in the World Cup Qualifiers, bowling them out for 133 and then reaching that target in under 30 overs. Winning this match has meant their points have tallied up and now Ireland are almost definitely one of the four teams to go to the 2011 World Cup. They're one of the only teams that stands a chance against the giants.

Anyway, there's an Irish bowler who's a little interesting. In the match against UAE, he took 2 wickets, which, if I exaggerate a little, won them the match. In that his wickets were what started the UAE collapse. Boyd Rankin is his name. He took the wickets of both openers, Amjad Javed and Arshad Ali, before Peter Connell finished up Khurram Khan. That had UAE at 3/3. Brilliant, if I may say so myself. Regan West, another Irish bowler, picked up 3 wickets, including the one of Fayaaz Ahmed, who put up a stand of 63 from 65 balls later in the innings.

But Boyd. Interesting guy. He's 6'8" and pretty good looking. I'm only pointing that out because it's obvious. Can't blame me for noticing.

He's also got a number of great wickets on his list, including Michael Vaughan, Herschelle Gibbs, and most importantly, AB de Villiers. Anyone who gets the censorship king out is a friend of mine.

It's Vaughan. And he's out.


12th Man said...

They've got a couple of O'Brien's in their side as well, who don't blog, but play well.

Damith S. said...

I saw that Ireland WC 07 video thing on a flight one day. Brought me to damn near tears.

Good Stuff from the Irish.

Amy said...

They're likeable factor is related directly to their being Irish. Nobody in history has ever taken the Irish seriously, but they're determined to show us it's high time we did.

Andrew in MA said...

Hehe, I knew you wouldn't be able to resist Boyd.

Amy said...

You know me too well, then.

He must be the tallest cricketer in the world. That's some sort of achievement by itself, and he didn't even have to work on it. Imagine what he could then achieve if he actually worked for something. Twisted logic, but it works.