Thursday, 2 April 2009

Michael Hussey: Top Bloke

Because he is. This is the only place a cricketer will receive recognition for being a top bloke, without scrutiny of his batting average, bowling average or other statistics which only make the game less personable. Forget numbers, let's talk character.

Mike Hussey has plenty of character. He's nice to the point it's almost terrifying. I haven't seen, read or heard a single interview or quote from his mouth which is in any way similar to the vitriol that spews out of some other players' mouths (read: KP, "the old" Graeme Smith). He was also a key player in the 2006-07 Ashes series, helping Australia cleansweep the series 5-0 (I love mentioning that figure. 5-0. does it hurt to read that being English?). In 2006, he reached 1000 Test runs in 166 days, which is still the record.

Hussey is the entirely devoted batsman who spent the majority of his career playing domestically, amassing thousands of runs (over 15,000 to be exact) and tirelessly working to improve technique. He literally spent hours each day practising and practising, perfecting his play. When he debuted at 30 years of age, Michael Hussey was possibly the most devoted cricketer Australia had ever had.

But he's also a thinker. A big thinker, an obsessive thinker. He's spoken of a record book he used to keep, in which he documented his every match of every game and his every result in each. All his performances, his successes and failures, mapped out on paper. Not just a thinker, but a crazy, OCD one. Eventually this had to stop, though, and Hussey was able to break the habit as slightly bad form would begin to play at his mind to detrimental effect. Still, however, he has stated that he cannot seem to be able to escape the slump in form over the past year. And although he practises as much as ever, and trains himself to believe in himself as he walks to the crease, there is still something missing. Or something too much. A seed of doubt in his mind, overthinking the situation, creating problems where there are none.

Poor Mike. He's got the technique, used to be one of Australia's most reliable batsmen, and now, no matter what he does, nothing seems to be going right. It's a disappointment, but it's also a fact of life. Nevertheless, that doesn't change the fact that Michael Hussey is a true top bloke. You can't help but want him to succeed. Except when Albie Morkel is bowling. Then it's kind of funny.


Sachintha said...

But Amy, who would want to read his Autobiography? He's got to do better than this if he wants to sell it.

12th Man said...

Cricket is a very cruel sport. On one end, you have people who skip practice sessions, are overweight, and amass 10,000 runs in test cricket.

On the other end, there is a top bloke, who sweats it out in the nets, who gives his 200% whenever he turns up for any side and fails miserably. Let us not forget he got a couple of poor decisions in the home test series against Aus. Run-outs are not helping his return to form either!

We all love Mike Hussey in Chennai, for he is a SuperKing!

12th Man said...

Atleast in the IPL, you can see Albie Morkel playing alongside Mike Hussey Amy!

Amy said...

@Sachintha - Tomorrow I will go to my local bookstore and buy out every copy of his autobiography they have in a sign of solidarity. Then I will mail them to him in SA so he knows that he's done well enough to have at least one stalker fan.

@12th man - I hope that somewhere in that last sentence you are insinuating it's better to be on Albie's side than against it. Because even if that isn't it, I will twist the sentence to make it so.

I'm also glad he's loved in Chennai. Maybe it's also because he played for them in the Champions League? The uproar about that was hilarious.

donthaveaclue said...

Hussey does come across as a decent bloke, especially since he wasn't making loud pronouncements about his achievements when he was in that purple patch.

On the other hand it didn't take long for all to call for his head, when Haydos lost his touch.

Makes you wonder whether the nicer ones get a longer rope...

Amy said...

Funny you say that as it reminds me of the Roy incident. I'm sure if Huss had missed a training session to go fishing he'd have been given a pat on the back and a chuckle.
Those like Roy are in a more precarious position.

Hayden literally fought to the teeth to retain his spot in the team for those few matches. Eventually, he decided to save face and have a cry on telly to cement his status as a "good guy" of cricket. Retirement does wonders for your image.

Rayden said...

Great Post. Michael Hussey is a role model to everyone who follows cricket worldwide. His slump in form is just temporary and he will be back with a bang for sure.

Mike Hussey is so good that I would compare him to Sachin Tendulkar. Even though Sachin is treated like a God, he is more down to earth than any other Indian cricketer or celebrity - Same with Mike Hussey - a super nice guy who never lets success go to his head.

Mike Hussey, Dan Vettori and Tendulkar are the three nicest guys of cricket according to me.

12th Man said...

You can make your own interpretations. I meant it in only one way.

Chennai public generally have a good cricket knowledge. And they are the first to spot and appreciate a TOP BLOKE.

Amy said...

@ Rayden - Good picks, and I agree with those choices, although I reckon Bryce McGain should also get a mention on that list. And here's hoping Mike does make a comeback. It'd be such a disappointment to see him go.

@12th man - Here's how I read it: ZOMGGGG ALBIE MORKEL IS DA BEST!!!!!! I LUV HIM!!!!!!
Say of it what you will.