Saturday, 11 April 2009

Pakistan go all out with no quicks

They've discovered the secret to beating Australia. Spinners.

That's right, Pakistan's coach Intikhab Alam has been catching up on the SA vs. Australia matches, and he thinks he's figured out the way to thrash Australia in the upcoming ODI series. After watching Australia struggle under the threat of spinners, he's announced that Pakistan may go with 4 spinners in the team.

That's 4, by the way. This is the sound of me laughing.

"What I saw yesterday on television, it's a good sign for us because we do have three quality spinners. We may go with an additional spinner."

Funny Pakistan is talking about how they "may have a chance of beating Australia" when the Aussies are treating this like a walk in the park. Ponting's off on a break, Johnson's kickboxing with his girlfriend, Mike Hussey is obsessively training back at home, and Symonds is back on the team.

"We will win, of course."


Naked Cricket said...

punter's pullout ruined any chance pak had

Amy said...

Yes, it's a shame Clarke's still around to pull through where Ponting might have failed spectacularly.

Q said...

The Aussies might be underestimating Pakistan.. I think a Pak series win is definitely on and im not speaking out of patriotism :-p

Amy said...

You're on.