Saturday, 11 April 2009

Harbhajan is a funny man

I wish he weren't being so reasonable and articulate these days. I wish he was part of more scandals and fights with the Australian team. That would mean that when Harbhajan comes out with comments like

"This team is capable of winning anywhere."

I would be able to laugh in his face because nobody would want him to say something like that. Unfortunately, Harbhajan continued with an entirely reasonable comment which I would have expected the be coming from Tendulkar's mouth, and not his.

"If we play to our potential, stick to the basics and focus on the job, we have the team that can beat anyone anywhere. The guys are confident, confident of performing in any conditions. I think this team can win anywhere - South Africa, Australia - we have got the ability to exploit any conditions."

Essentially, he's right. That's what every cricketer says. There must be a textbook they pull out with pre-planned speeches and spaces to insert the name of their country and a few key players. Because honestly, since when does Harbhajan come out with comments like this?

You're becoming too normal.


Esra_Star said...

I hate cricketers that smarten up and mature,even though I laughed at them Harbhajan and even Graeme Smith used to be great entertainment. Luckily the Australians never understood the theory, how boring would it be if Warnie or Roy ever grew up?

straight point said...

look what they have done to bhajji...? *worried*

Amy said...

@Esra, I'm expecting a return to previous form soon or I'll be worried.

@straight point, the way you refer to "them" has put all sorts of conspiracy theories in my head.

Naked Cricket said...

he'll come around in a week, ipl and sachin as skip

Amy said...

That is my only solace.

Rayden said...

Bhajji is in mourning as his best friends - Hayden, Symonds and Sreesanth - have not been playing cricket for so long. We need any one of them back and we'll see the Bhajji we love so much.

Amy said...

I vote Sreesanth. Tears have never been so hilarious.