Thursday, 16 April 2009

Pepsi tastes better with cricket

Can't beat that taste. The taste of advertising, that is. Delicious stuff, and we'll be getting even more of it during the IPL.

During this year's IPL, there will be seven and a half minute breaks after every 10 overs. It's only for money, and everyone's pretty open about it. Thing is, we're now being subjected to bullshit breaks in the middle of each innings. Fuck off, don't want any. I am planning to flood the IPL with complaints about my viewing experience being disturbed.

No, I'm not. They probably don't even have somewhere you can send complaints. Why offer people a chance to complain when you can pretend you don't have any by not providing somewhere to make the complaint? Good stuff.

An IPL spokesperson/official/don't really care what they are has said:
"The seven-and-a-half minute break will see the stadium crowd entertained by a live band while television audiences will watch three, separate two-and-a-half minute segments, two of which will be sold commercially. The third will show the teams taking drinks and discussing 'tactics' to add some validity to the argument for the 'time out'."

At least we're not being forced to listen to a live band.
Extended ads aren't any better, though. And two and a half minute segments? What that's, an infomercial played at 4x speed?

I am interested in their attempt to add "validity" to the time out. Why is the word "tactics" in inverted commas, anyway? Aren't they going to be talking real tactics? It's just going to be shitty ground interviews with players.

As a side note, I wonder if they'll have the wacky camerawork before the game when the various commentators are on the field, introducing the game. That shit was crazy last time.

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