Thursday, 16 April 2009

Steyn on KP's mood swings

Somehow, Dale Steyn has managed to provide some form of praise for Kevin Pietersen, but also slip in a comment about KP's "mood swings". He told Cricinfo

"He [Pietersen] leads from the front always. That is a great strength of his. I don't know him at all. I have played against him but I still don't know what kind of a man he is, what kind of mood swings he has, but it is going to be interesting and we are going to have to find our feet quickly."
Steyn obviously doesn't know that if you've played on the same team as Andre Nel, you've seen it all. It's funny that he's expecting KP to have mood swings, however.

Maybe he's just using the term incorrectly, and he doesn't mean mood swings at all.


Right about now, it seems to have actually hit home that KP is going to be captaining the Bangalore Royal Challengers. Should be amusing to watch the team SELF-DESTRUCT. At least, I hope they do under his captaincy.


Anonymous said...

Well, the IPL being a paid holiday and all, there's not much to do other than observe people's mood swings. In between maybe wrestle a few crocs. Unfortunately KP will only captain for three matches, after which liquor baron Mallya has decided good ol Jacques will take over. I'm gonna have more fun watching BRC than Force India this season!

Amy said...

Ah yes, Jacques captaining. It'll be a shambles if he tries his "everybody contributes" policy, especially as the team's going to full of players he doesn't know as well as his fellow saffas.

Esra_Star said...

As much as I hate KP, he can't do any worse than Jacques. Jacques can't keep up with T20's speed! Does this mean he's a sideline captain? surely he won't get a game.

Amy said...

one of the unfortunate consequences of Jacques being captain is that he will actually play in every one of those matches.

Esra_Star said...

So they have KP for 3 matches and Jacques for every game. Lucky Vijay Mallaya is a booze tycoon. No other way you could sit there and watch your hard earned money go down the toilet!

Amy said...

Kallis will hopefully turn out to be as big a disappointment this year as he was last year.