Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Andre Nel & Gunther happy in England

Andre's talking about Gunther again. Surrey are excited. This is exactly what they were hoping for, a resurgence in Gunther. Other counties are already quivering in their boots.

Andre told the BBC:
"You could see the way South Africa were thinking that I wasn't going to get a chance. You can't sit around wanting to play for your country. This is the best decision for my family and career. It was a big decision to make to retire from international cricket but it's probably the right time for me to move on and start somewhere else. I can't wait to get started now."
Not very scary, but then he starts talking Gunther:
"Gunther's doing quite well. He's calmed down a lot but I think he'll come out a few times during the season to entertain people."
Andre will flick a switch, and out pops Gunther. It's like being permanently pregnant with a psychotic maniac. That wants to entertain people.

Gunther, not Andre.


Som said...

Gunther would be the cat among English county pigeons. Their blood will curdle and spine will curl. Nel is still good enough to send a shiver or two down those spines.

Amy said...

When you say he's good enough are you referring to his manic personality or ability to bowl well?

Som said...

Amy when I say good enough, I actually meant the Poms are bad enough to surrender before whatever he hurls at them.