Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Ponting and Sangakkara back Buchanan

They actually like his multiple captain theory amidst a frenzy of effigy burnings and publicly unsupportive outbursts. At least someone's on John Buchanan's side. He's a little disappointed, however. He was hoping that after years of bad relations, Warnie would come to his rescue. It was not the case, sadly.

"I know Tassie actually experimented with that a few years ago. One was doing the field placings and one was doing the bowling changes. So it just sort of lightened the load up on the actual captain and gave him a bit more opportunity to think about different things. I don't see there's a lot of problems with it."
I myself would never go to Ricky to get an opinion on anything. He has a point, though. Jonty Rhodes was saying pretty much the same thing earlier. The only question is, if there's a captain for bowlers and a captain for fielders, WHERE DO THE OTHER TWO COME FROM? A captain for shining the ball? A captain for disagreeing with the other captains? They should be cleverly assigned roles like this to make it less confusing.
Kumar Sangakkara is supportive of the idea but also a little more sceptical, as he should be:
"If it's a way to go forward and it shows results, why not? Hopefully, it's not a marketing gimmick. Something to create more interest towards that one franchise and to get the public to say 'Well, we'll follow the Knight Riders from here on.'"
Buchanan is fuming at this insinuation, despite it having been said in earnest. I don't know where Kumar's getting these ideas that the idea will make the public want to support the KKR. After the effigies Ganguly fans were burning in Kolkata, I think that's the last thing that's likely to happen.

Shittiest effigy ever, no doubt.


Andrew in MA said...

Wow, if that's not Sangakkara code for "it's the most idiotic thing I've ever heard but whatever pass me some more money please" then I don't know what is. And Buchanan must have been down the effigy list that day, they do have priorities.

Amy said...

He'll soon go to the top again if his plan fails. In that case, I'm already setting up contacts to begin a lucrative business in selling effigy-sized photos of Buchanan to the Indian public.

And they won't all be the same photo up there. I'll have John with different facial expressions to spice things up a little.

rhoe said...
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rhoe said...

Oh dear. Amy, you're my effigy hero!! I could imagine them beating the sh- the stalks out of him!

Amy said...

Stalks, you say? I never!

prafs said...

oh jesus, i cant believe it!!
Sanga of all players is supporting buchanan, may be all the studying of law books is driving him a li'l cuckoo.
And Ponting is a nut anyways, so no issues there!

Amy said...

Does this mean that Sharma is a genius? He's against it.