Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Jonty Rhodes and fielding captains

Over at Cricinfo, Jonty's been suggesting that IPL teams should have a fielding captain who monitors the field and sets fielding placements. It's an offshoot of John Buchanan's multiple captain theory.

Whatever. Don't care. I'm more interested in his choice of the best fielders in the world:
  • JP Duminy
  • AB de Villiers
  • Andrew Symonds
  • Paul Collingwood

Where the fuck is Sybrand? Don't tell me bloody AB is a better fielder than him. AB doesn't attack each and every ball in his general vicinity violently. Sybrand does. AB isn't able to throw the ball equally well with either hand. Sybrand is.

Jonty's just afraid of being upstaged by someone with better hair than him.

Sybrand moves through hyperspace to take catches.

It looks like Wayne Parnell's trying to eat that bat. Delicious bats these days. Must be a Kookaburra, I hear they're adding exotic flavours to bats now.


Andrew in MA said...

Haha, that's the greatest photo ever. What's little known is that Sybrand wasn't even playing that day, it was only the high speed camera which captured the photo. To people at the ground he was just an indistinct blur, sprinting across the field to put AB off his game.

Amy said...

Goddamn, Sybrand's a sneaky bastard. People should give him more credit.