Monday, 13 April 2009

Brett Lee Invents Excuses

When asked about why he wasn't chosen as the replacement bowler for Brett Geeves:

"Ah, well, I'm in Port Elizabeth, you know... training. With Kings XI. So they need me, right? Australia have a wealth of bowlers to draw upon, but I'm concerned with fulfilling the obligations of my IPL contract. Also... they didn't want to confuse anyone into thinking Brett was back because I'm also a Brett. So sometimes it gets a little hard for spectators, we try to keep that in mind."
Following this, when asked why Shane Harwood would be filling in for the 4th ODI before Stuart Clark took the mantle for the 5th:

"...No comment."

"ARGH!!! I'm going to eat you, selectors... just kidding."


Rayden said...

Poor Lee. Another one of my favourite Aussie cricketers getting dropped or losing form. Does Ponting have any say in this?

Amy said...

Well, he did say something about a pansy ass singing songs, if that's any help.