Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Hey Modi, notice how you're a prick?

Lalit Modi has done it again. Because obviously his tournament is the goldmine in a field of dirt. Because obviously everything should go his way and you better watch out if you try to mess with him. Because obviously he's a demigod who should be worshipped.

Because obviously the media should bent over backwards for him. This year's IPL won't be covered by the Associated Press because of over-the-top restrictions placed on media concerning the event. Reuters and the News Media Coalition have all tried without success to convince the IPL's organisers (read: Modi) to reverse their decision.

Lalit Modi refused to change conditions, including one which specifies that media groups cannot supply news and photos about IPL events to websites that specialise in cricket. Is this a joke? Because it feels like one. Modi has gone the lucrative path and decided to exclusively supply news and photos about the IPL to one website.

That's all news and photos.

Thankfully, the AP isn't going to put up with this and they're just not going to cover the event at all. Suck on that Modi, seems to be the general consensus. The AP's associate general counsel, Dave Tomlin, said:

"We can't allow the sponsor of a newsworthy event to specify where news gets distributed. This is a case in which a sports association is now in the information business too and is trying to carve out an exclusive segment of the news market as its own to exploit. It's wrong."

Damn right it is. The AP's international sports editor had an even more pertinent point to make:

"The IPL is shooting itself in the foot. The tournament is in its infancy and needs media coverage, especially when it is being held far from its home base. The AP wants to cover the tournament and supply subscribers with comprehensive match reports and photos, but has been forced out by the IPL's inflexible stance."

Why would you be pigheaded enough to practically fight away the media outlets interested in what you're doing? I hope this does turn out to be Modi shooting himself, and his precious IPL, in the foot.

"I'm amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing..."


Anonymous said...

This problem was present in the previous version of the IPL too. Modi finally budged after the press threatened to boycott IPL coverage.

Amy said...

Only now it's gotten to his head even more, and he's completely refusing to back down. Charming.