Sunday, 12 April 2009

Shoaib Akhtar invites you to play in Pakistan

Yes he does. Not only that, but he thinks that if Pakistan beat Australia, teams will suddenly want to play matches against Pakistan in Pakistan.


I don't know how winning and security fears suddenly vanishing are related to each other. If Pakistan win, they win, and Australia continues to refuse to play in Pakistan. They're already the team in the world that has been avoiding travelling to Pakistan more than any other. In fact, if Australia lose against Pakistan, they'll say "Fuck it" and invent all sorts of reasons not to play against them. I'm baffled as to how Shoaib Akhtar thinks winning against Australia will be the miracle cure for Pakistan's isolation.

"If we beat Australia we can send a strong message that we are a good side and they should come (to Pakistan) and play against us more often. This coming series is a good opportunity for us to beat a strong team like Australia, which may help us in inviting strong teams to Pakistan and take our country out of isolation."

No, actually, it won't help you in inviting teams to Pakistan. That's a completely separate issue altogether.

He also commented on his highly dubious "fitness" of late:

"Nobody can give a guarantee of fitness in international matches, but I have come into the side after passing a fitness test. I want to bowl my full quota of ten overs and enjoy fielding."

Yeah, well, it remains to be seen whether he's capable of bowling 10 overs, but I'm sure Pakistan will have him fielding in the most discreet position possible.

"You better fucking come to Pakistan."


straight point said...
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straight point said...

our client is at advance stage of 'foot in mouth' disease...beyond treatment...mutterings from shoaib has nothing to do with brain...any relation between the two is purely fictitious and unreal...

signed: shoaib's lawyer on behalf of shoaib

(please spread the word...)

Anonymous said...

Nobody knows when did Shoaib last play an ODI match. And considering the security fears in Pakistan, there will be a time when people won't last remember when Pakistan played ODI cricket. Shoaib's statement is full of irrational optimism.

If you are fond of politics, here is an article for you.

Amy said...

SP - Well then, do pass onto Shoaib this message: I think he should drop out of the ODI series before he embarrasses himself. Cheers.

12th - You call it optimism while I call it stupidity.
Also, great article. Really interesting read.