Thursday, 9 April 2009

We are not amused

Want a completely inane controversy relating to the IPL? Here's one: Apparently the IPL is insisting on owning all the pavilion suites at Newlands and the games to be held at Bloemfontein. Really, it wants all the suites at all matches, but these two places are the only place where it's meeting opposition. It's demanding the current suite holders give up the suites to the IPL, and is willing to compensate them for their losses.

Here's the kicker. The "compensation" is access to a makeshift tent near the field where the suite holders can eat and drink for free. Three words which I cannot put any other way: What. The. Fuck? How is this even an issue? I am baffled by the fact that people are having disagreements about who gets to use the suites, and that apparently this matter is "threatening to derail the series".

Van Heerden, chief executive of Free State Cricket and also a South African, came out with a quote which would almost be funny if it weren't for the completely ridiculous circumstances which have led to him commenting on this:
“I received correspondence from the IPL about the issue. My suite holders are not happy."

The suite holders have until later today to settle (for free food?) or I suppose the IPL will take other action to remove them. Like making an even bigger fuss about it.


Leo said...

I'm bummed that the suites aren't going to suite holders - my wife's company has a suite at Newlands, but they've been told they can't use it. I queued for 2 hours for opening day tickets only for the last 300(!) tickets to be bought by the person 2 places in front of me, so I was hoping to get in to the suite.

I won't derail the series though. Promise.

Have so far heard nothing of free tent food.

Amy said...

300 tickets? That's almost comical.

And as for the free tent food, ask and it shall be delivered. That, and a seat in the main stands. So kick up some dirt with the IPL and try to get a ticket that way.