Thursday, 9 April 2009

Deccan Chargers: The team everyone forgets

Don't deny it, you don't think much of them. In fact, everyone's too busy getting excited about the strong teams in the competition who stand a real chance of winning it. It's always Kevin this, Freddie that, Dhoni this, Shane that. Money, money, money. Must be funny in the rich man's world. While Dhoni fumes at being worth less than two other players, the Deccan chargers have practically dropped off everyone's radar.

So who are they?

Oh, right. The team with Adam Gilchrist, I remember now. And Andrew Symonds. VVS Laxman. RP Singh. Fidel Edwards. Chaminda Vaas. Those are pretty big names, so why not more success for the Chargers? The truth is... they're just a bit shit. Comparatively. Maybe it's Herschelle Gibbs' fault. I hear he's been helping the entire team get high in their hotel. Even Gilchrist.

Pity they were pegged as one of the favourites to win the first season of the IPL. Something went seriously wrong between that and the many matches they lost.

As a side note, you know who's not going to become a great cricket commentator on television? Adam. I've never seen more crazy eye movement during a short pitch report before.


12th Man said...

They also had Shahid Afridi and Scotty Styris. This is the team everyone touted for the title before the 1st edition of the IPL.

Into the second week of the tournament, nobody bothered about this team.

Amy said...

I haven't heard a single thing about them this time. Maybe they'll do a Rajasthan and end up winning it.