Friday, 10 April 2009

On Suites

The apparent controversy relating to who retains use of the pavilion suites at SA cricket grounds is thickening. Neil Manthorp writes an article which does quite a lot to explain the politics behind it, especially from the SA suite holders' side, and we find out exactly what is going on.

Worth a read, especially where one suite holder is quoted as saying he will "barricade and padlock" his suite if the IPL try to stop him using it.


Som said...

Hi Amy S, rather inexplicably I didn't come across your blog earlier. Anyway, better late than never. Adding you in my blogroll. I invite you to visit my baby ( as well and blogroll, if you wish. Happy blogging:) .Som

Ottayan said...

This is hysterical.:)

Amy said...

@Som - Hey there, added you to my blogroll.

@Ottayan - Ah, but which part? The IPL demands or the refusal to back down by suite holders?

Ottayan said...

Uh! uh! I meant your article. :)