Friday, 10 April 2009

AP: 1, Lalit Modi: 0

This is epic. Lalit Modi's inflated head which has long been dangling around on a rope has been hit and popped by the Associated Press. The Modi Pinata spilt out nothing more than a "We are pleased to have reached this agreement with the global news media industry." but that is more than enough for me.

After refusing to allow the AP to supply news and photos about the IPL to any cricketing websites due to the IPL already having had struck a deal with ONE website to exclusive news and photo rights, Modi has finally backed down. All it took was the Associated Press deciding they're rather not have anything to do with the IPL after all for Modi to relent.


Ottayan said...


A question. Are the news agencies right in refusing to pay IPL?

By threatening to boycott aren't they indulging in blackmail?

Amy said...

Well, I'm sure this issue has two sides to it, but I believe the case of the media stands out. The IPL wanted to restrict news and photos access to one website. AP, Reuters and co. had it right when they said that the IPL needs their coverage, not the other way around.

The AP has an extensive range of websites that use the information it gathers to list news and events in the cricketing world. If the IPL had refused them that then it would really just be pointless for them to be covering the IPL anyway.

Esra_Star said...

Suck on that Lalit you wanker! Why wouldn't you want to promote the IPL as much as possible?