Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Ricky Ponting Looking Stupid

That, and other photos from last night's blogathon.

Don't tell me he doesn't look stupid there.

It wasn't just Ricky Ponting, however. Even Albie had his turn at looking retarded:

He does, doesn't he? And I'm not just saying this because he got out on 3.

Luckily, ROFL was there to grace us with his Bulldog demeanour.

Dale Steyn picked up 4 wickets and even had a chat with Punter when he took his wicket:

People used to be respectful of Ponting. Now wannabe Crocodile Hunters just sledge him.

News articles seem to be floating around the idea that Dale Steyn was the bowler who had the greatest impact on the game. But we all know it was really ROFL. He's the only reason SA won so comfortably because he took those first few wickets when Australia were looking so good.


rhoe said...

WTF is up with his forearms in the first pic? Is it a tattoo? Excess hair growth?

Ps. He does look stupid.

Amy said...

He has very hairy arms.

Rianna finds it attractive.

12th Man said...

The result was as expected. I just did not want Michael Clarke to score those runs. ROFL is my man of the match.

Amy said...

Yes, Clarke's minor revival was disappointing. I really want to see the guy moved back down the order. Australia's openers are ridiculous.

With you on ROFL.