Saturday, 4 April 2009

Buchanan calls on Charl Langeveldt

The infamous coach of the Kolkata Knight Riders, John Buchanan, has announced he has called on South African Charl Langeveldt to help out his players, after the change in pitch conditions in SA as opposed to India worried him a little.

Langeveldt is 34 and has been out of SA cricket for a while after an incident with Cricket South Africa. Since then, he has been playing domestic cricket in England for Derbyshire. Apparently the money they're offering Langeveldt to circumvent his Kolpak contract is significant. Not superstar big, but big enough for a player who's near the end of his career.

According to Buchanan, Langeveldt may open the bowling with Ishant Sharma.


Rayden said...

So is Langeveldt going to be one of the 5 captains KKR is suppose to have this year?

btw, what incident did he have with Cricket South Africa?

Amy said...

I doubt it. I think he's just supposed to be the expert on South African conditions.

Langeveldt dropped out of a cricket tour to India last year because the selectors decided to play politics with South Africa's transformation policy. They basically decided to forego Andre Nel for Charl Langeveldt because Nel is white. Langeveldt hit out because he knew Nel had the better figures and that this was clearly a political and racial issue. Since then, he's been lost to Derbyshire.

Rayden said...

Oh yeah I had completely forgotten about that. Its the only time ever I felt sorry for Andre Nel when they announced he was dropped based on his race and the stupid quota system.

Amy said...

Apparently he cried.