Saturday, 4 April 2009

First ODI in Durban

I won't say much. Australia won by 141 runs, after posting a score of 286, which SA met with getting all out on 145. After I tuned out, Michael had a ripper of a night, gettig his mojo back, ad hitting the 83 runs that saved Australia. Australia's bowling attack was also pretty darn good, and Nathan Hauritz returned career-best figures of 4/29.
The South Africans were poor. Their bowling outweighed their batting, though, but Albie wasn't doing them any favours. He ended up going for 6.37 runs per over. Not as bad as Ntini's 7.44 but Morne picked up 2 wickets at 6.10. Look who's trying to upstage their big brother. Well, granted, Morne's the specialist bowler, and thank god Albie identifies himself as a batting allrounder.
In the South African camp, Graeme Smith scored 52, trying to put SA back into the game, but the rest of the batting line-up crumbled. Maybe they thought that Albie might be able to salvage it for them (I doubt they ever thought this, though) but when he came in, SA were out of the match and there was nothing anyone could do. Boucher was still too excited from his award that he got out on a duck.
Well, on the bright side, Albie did participate in 2 run-outs:

I like it when you get people out, not get out yourself.

But Morne was the one getting wickets... Luckily, James Hopes is coming to get him.

"Fuck, I'm going to kill you."

The revelation of the night, however, was Nathan Bracken:

"Haha, tricked you, fools! You thought I was a man."


Indophile said...

This was so boring after T20's I am not really very sure if anybody want to see any 50-50 instead of 20-20.

Amy said...

True. The most exciting ODIs are when they take on some crazy T20-like demeanour and it's edge-of-the-seat stuff. I fell asleep during this match too, but in my defence, it was 2am in Sydney anyway.

I do like to support ODIs as much as possible, even though they're possibly the cricket form that is diminishing first. It's something about support for it all, etc, and also because some of the most fascinating players in cricket are limited over specialists. Got to keep them in the game, too.