Monday, 23 March 2009

Censorship at Cricket Australia

Seems something dodgy is going on over at Cricket Australia. After the incredible success of its new bloggers Kiki and Sassy, they've been so overwhelmed with enthusiastic responses from commenters that they've just... stopped publishing them. Funny that. I doubt it could have something to do with fascinating comments left on the site such as:

Posted by Sas--oops, "michelle" at 19/03/2009 04:51 PM
Love the blog, guys! Or should I say girls? LOL. It's so good to read a writing piece which dumbs down cricket to the level of what you'd perceive to be the average moronic Usstralian girl (see, I just made a joke about Saffa accents too! LOL) I'm trying to impress my boyfriend by being suddenly interested in cricket and I think I'll try out the "shamiz" joke on him. His name is Mohammed. ROFL!!! I agree with "loz - the primary school analogy is SO FUNNY. I'm a primary school teacher myself and I'm pretty like Charlotte Gainsburg. LOOOOOL, GEDDIT? "pretty" like her; "pretty like" her. I love playing on words. Don't you?

Why so serious? It seems the public loves these FUN LOVING CHICKAS. The put the 'PARTY' back into 'CRICKET'. Woohoo!!!

Nevertheless, CA is a little touchy about this. They're like the fat kid who grows out of their fatness but remains paranoid their entire life that everyone is judging them. Only, I think it's safe to say that these figurative "fat kids" really haven't grown out of their "fatness" yet. Cricket Australia, being the loving, scone-baking, overprotective mother, has quickly pounced on the intruders in her childrens' playspace. And she's determined to cut them down with a bit of crafty behind-the-scenes work...

Editor's Note: Whilst we welcome diverse comment and robust discussion, CA will not be allowing negative comments to appear on these pages if they don't have a valid point to make.
This blog was intended to appeal to a different part of the cricket audience, not necessarily the hard core fan. We will continue to add a diverse range of blogs and articles to the website over the coming months.
Please note that comments that are derogatory, defamatory, or discriminatory will not be published. The decision to publish is solely at the discretion of CA

Ja, and somewhere in a CA office, a balding 45 year old man looks at the fruits of his genius (the above) and marvels at his amazingness:

Brett: Golly gee, I'm so clever! Now I'll just block all comments from being posted and add a few of my own! And if a Yasmin from a far off land happens to comment on this with an adoring comment, I'll send it through! Oh gosh, I love myself. *applies SHANE WARNE'S MAGICAL HAIR REGROWTH CREAM TO HIS HEAD* Now I just need a full head of hair and I'll be looking like a brand new cricket ball!

Interested in finding out what exactly the CA note entailed, I sent through two remarkable different posts. One was tongue-in-cheek in its criticism of the girls, and the other was adoring in its entirety. Needless to say that only one got through, despite the other falling into the "valid negative comment" group that CA had so trustingly advised us was appropriate.

As I said, something's fishy, Cricket Australia...


Anonymous said...

I think you will find a range of both positive and negative comments on these blogs. Maybe the negative comment was just badly written. Just a thought. I have never read so much sour grapes around a blog in my life - it's astounding!

Anonymous said...

what was your negative comment?

Anonymous said...

Ever thought you just don't write that good?

Amy said...

Seriously, what is up with hiding behind an anonymous identity? I refuse to deign to answer these questions when people continue to make stupid comments as "Anonymous".

And I really hope it's Kiki or Sassy. You guys seem to have gone to a lot of trouble to seek out blogs with negative opinions about you and try to counteract them.