Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Irfan Pathan: Top Bloke

Every once in a while, you come across a cricketer who's generally (note, generally, not always) nice on the field and a nice person outside it. Meeting them is like the ray of sunshine in a normally dull world... Well, not quite so dramatic, but when you meet a cricketer who's a downright nice person, it sticks with you for a while.

Which is why I'm bringing into play the Top Bloke series. Based on past interactions with, or a general consensus in the blogging world, I will highlight those cricketers who are truly top blokes. And the women are included in here as well. Who says they can't be called blokes for convenience's sake? They may even outweigh the men, who knows.

The first in this series is the one and only Irfan Pathan. He's completely accommodating to fans, which is exactly what you want. Snooty glares and an uptight attitude does cricketers no favours, and in fact, probably just embarrasses the fan as well. That's why, when I had the good luck of meeting Irfan Pathan, I was blown away by how kind and humorous he was. I probably had about 2 whole minutes to glean this, which was long enough for me to realise that Irfan Pathan, the nice guy who jokes around and doesn't hesitate to take photos or sign autographs for what must be the umpteenth time, is a true top bloke.

He had this title under wraps from the first "Hello? How are you?"

Let's hope he gets his swing back.


12th Man said...

It is kind of strange to find a fan for Irfan Pathan in Oz land when he doesn't have much Indian supporters.

Good work on the blog Amy!

miriam said...

Great blog! Can I just say how relieved I am to discover that it's new, and that I haven't been missing out on it for long?

Sam said...

thats what every body in india is expecting the kid to do. cos he gives an edge to the team in form of an alrounder...

good blog.

mine if u wud like to read: armball.blogspot.com

Amy said...

Thanks guys. I didn't expect to have people reading it so soon after its creation, but it's great to see some comments.

12th man - Let's just say I'm slightly unorthodox. ;) I suspect people may have noticed. haha.

miriam - it's all for the best then. I'll make sure to keep on updating. It's kind of addicting as it is.

Sam - I'll check it out, no probs.

donthaveaclue said...

Great blog Amy! Nice post about 'nice guy' Irfan. But he remains one of the mysteries of Indian cricket. I'd recently posted about the dramatic decline in the form of the man on my blog over at outsideedge

kajal said...

amy u so right!!! Irfan PAthan is a very nice and friendly guy!!!! my friend is a huge friend and when we were at the game on sunday at wanderers he was so interactive and friendly even though he was fielding :) he was a real star

Amy said...

That's almost suggesting Irfan didn't much care for the outcome of that match. Interesting.

But that's a great thing for him and your friend. A real top bloke.