Friday, 27 March 2009

Morkel bowls Pietersen and de Villiers out

No, not that Morkel. It was, alas, Morne Morkel's day in the spotlight.
And no, it wasn't that Pietersen. It was a Charl Pietersen.
You probably already suspect this, but it wasn't that de Villiers. This one is a CJ de Villiers.

South Africa seem to be running out of surnames.

In a domestic match between the aptly named Gestetner Diamond Eagles and the Nashua Titans (That first name is fabulously strange), Morne Morkel decided to take on board some of the extensive coaching Vinnie Barnes has been giving him over the past few months and beat the shit out of the opposition. He took a career best of 6/43 off 15 overs, beating his previous best of 6/47. Morkel removed Pietersen (5) and de Villiers (duck) in the one over, or rather, in the space of 3 balls.

It's fortunate Morne Morkel wasn't the bowler to get the wicket of Morne van Wyk, or the similarities between all these names would have started getting even creepier. As it already is.

Reports have confirmed Morne snuck off the field to call AB de Villiers from a payphone and laugh manically, breathing heavily down the line, in an attempt to scare AB into dropping out of cricket altogether. I am not sure how well the plan has worked, as AB is still running around fielding impossible balls like a creepy robot:

"Cannot compute."

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