Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Prince's Protected Species Mix-up

About a week ago, Ashwell Prince was reported to have been involved in a sledging match with AB de Villiers and Harris the Monster during a domestic game. Now, Amy S. loves sledging as much as anyone else (or anyone Australian, actually) but something struck her as odd about Prince's claim that AB was a "protected species". Sure, white South Africans were once protected species, but this wasn't what he seemed to be talking about.

So I did a little investigating, and made a shocking discovery which could change the face of cricketer names as we know it. Due to his highly disorientated state after accidently hitting 158 in the match, Prince made the simple mistake of confusing AB's identity with another up-and-coming and utterly-shit-for-test-matches player known by AB McDonald.

AB de Villiers; AB McDonald
One's a protected species, one isn't.
One's a blonde, one's a ranga.

Who's the protected species now?

"Why hello there, I notice your hair is a highly inappropriate colour."

Nobody blames Ashwell for the mix-up. He's too upset nobody wants him in the IPL. But in order to prevent this mistake from occurring again, I propose AB de Villiers change his name to ABC de Villiers. It's for the best.


David Barry said...

I propose AB de Villiers change his name to ABC de Villiers.

But then we couldn't call him a vehement letter C denier.

Amy said...

And that would be the greatest injustice of all.