Thursday, 26 March 2009

Ryder keeps going and going, Warner says "me too"

Jesse Ryder scored his second test century, alongside Ross Taylor scoring his third, on the first day of the Napier test match. In an extraordinary feat of discipline and long-awaited exercise, Ryder batted out more than seven hours to remain unbeaten on 137 at stumps. He and Taylor also broke a NZ fourth wicket batting record, but it's a NZ record, so that's not saying much.

Taylor said it was "good to get there" in regard to his century, but he wasn't going to take all credit for NZ's momentary success:

"A lot credit has to go to Jesse. I think he played outstandingly well and to still be there, after over six hours, he's been great."
"I'm not making a fat joke, I swear," Taylor insisted.

Notice how he sneakily tries to downgrade Ryder's achievement? "Six hours". We're onto Taylor. Kiwis can't be trusted, least of all their cricketers.

David Warner, one-time Aussie superstar, has been talking to the press as well. He's in the T20 squad for this week's matches, and is planning to "take it to them" - them being the SA bowlers, in particular Dale Steyn. Warner uses particularly colourful phrases when referring to how he plans to perform in the T20s against Steyn:

"You don't want to be on the back foot to them because if they are going to get on top of you, you're cooked. He is definitely one of the best bowlers I've faced. He has got me out a couple of times. I think I'm his bunny."

The only question that remains is what kind of bunny?

That is a more disturbing thought than I am willing and able to stomach.


John said...

Hey, he was awesome. Lazily accurate with leaving balls from Zaheer and Ishant.

Amy said...

That he was. Watch out for Taylor, though. He's the sneaky one. You can see it in his eyes.