Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Who's that in front of the Harbour Bridge?

Why, none other than the English women's cricket team, of course! Also known as winners. It's almost strange to see that word associated with England when John Dyson's name isn't being thrown around, but the winners of the World Cup returned to England after a welcome victory. Before they went, however, they had one last job to do...

Notice the interesting player colour scheme - coincidence?

I wonder if the men's cricket team is made to wear sailor-esque skirts and pose in front of a Sydney landmark. Well, it's not as though we could ever know. You have to win to be asked to do it.

Soon after the image was released, Andrew Strauss was seen stealing one of the skirts featured in an attempt to steal some of the womens' luck. Well, he called it luck, but we call it talent.


12th Man said...

The English women team too has an overwhelming number of Asians. Not sure of Kolpak's though.

I am not sure if English men would be posing for a photograph atleast in the next decade. They look the most unlikely ones to win a sereis in Australia.

Amy said...

Decade? You're too kind. Or I'm too mean.