Friday, 27 March 2009

KP: "I love South Africa."

Or something similar, as KP has rather creepily taken on a strange personality which involves not sledging SA at every opportunity. Perhaps my prediction is coming true, and the next step can only be to rebuild ties with Graeme. Not that they existed in the first place.

"It will be great fun. The South African public love their Twenty20 and I'm sure it will be another great spectacle, like the World T20," Pietersen said, speaking to The Mirror. "Having some family back in South Africa means I will get the best of both worlds. We'll play in front of some passionate fans."

This is most definitely strange. Maybe someone finally took a bat to his head and permanently altered his wiring. It is also amusing to note that he suddenly decided to remember his family after taking off for England at the first sign of failure.


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