Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Neil Manthorp: Top Bloke

Recently on ABC's radio coverage of the Aus vs. SA test matches, Neil Manthorp was commentating with an Australia reporter (someone or another, wasn't Glenn Mitchell). In the cricketing world, there seems to be a unanimous agreement to LOVE NEIL MANTHORP. And it's entirely justified. He's the most enjoyable commentator around, possibly second to Richie Benaud. Who will be leaving us soon, as it is. How we will miss his voice.

In any case, a listener sent a text in to the commentators, which the Australian commentator then proceeded to repeat to Neil Manthorp:

"Neil Manthorp's such a top bloke, you'd think he's an Aussie."

Following this, there was an awkward pause in which Neil seemed unsure of what to say. To clarify the rather embarrassing statement, the Aussie commentator went on to say, "That probably the highest compliment you can give someone in Australia."
That's right. Best. Compliment. Ever.

Soon we will see a slate of young Aussies telling others, "You're so awesome, you'd think you were me."
"Ricky Ponting's such a good batsman you'd think he was me."
"Daniel Vettori's glasses are so cool you'd think they were mine."
"Kevin Pietersen's such an arrogant prick you'd think he was Australian."
And so forth.

Spot the difference

It doesn't take much to realise how typically in-love-with-myself and Australian the comment was. Honestly, only an Aussie could say something like that and convince a commentator it was the best compliment ever. So after another minute of umming and ahhing, Neil finally comes out with a gracious, "Thank you."

Neil Manthorp: Top Bloke

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